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Leadership Courses with ECOMAN Consultancy, Solutions & Training

Dany Chakhtoura and ECOMAN Consultancy, Solution and Training have joined forces to present you top notch training for the year 2011-2012.

A bundle of 10 courses will be publically dedicated to all ECOMAN and Dany Chakhtoura's participants and delegations in the United Arab of Emirates.

This leadership program is a one year program. Learners investigate leadership models from various theoretical perspectives with an emphasis on transformational leadership, organizational behavior, Innovation, team building and performance reviews.

During this program, learners investigate and analyze leadership research and apply theory to contemporary leadership practice. Learners will also examine the importance of innovation on maximizing organizational performance. As a culminating activity, learners will develop a personal leadership plan and will use this plan as the starting point for future leadership development.

The courses are:

1.Leadership and Teams: Seizing the Opportunity and Leading from Anywhere
2.Managing Generational Differences: Piloting and Motivating the New Work Force
3.Leading and Managing Change: The Only Constant is Change
4.Building High Performance Teams: Capturing the Magic of Synergistic Effort
5.Analyzing and Designing Successful Organizations: Leading a Complex Effort in a Changing World
6.Building Executive Team Success: The Key to a Winning Global Enterprise
7.Successful Management of Interpersonal Conflict: Getting Others to Work With You, Not Against You
8.Assessing Training and Development Needs To Support Business Goals
9.Inspirational Leadership & Team Building
10.Executive Leadership: Delivering Results through Strategic Performance Management

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Delegates attending any seminar will be eligible for an international certification signed and stamped from our strategic partner Canada Global Center


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